Ethos is defined as the characteristic spirit of a community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.  Stoffa is proud to be a vegan and sustainable brand. We use the resources available to us with awareness and our effort is to upcycle, reuse and create our products in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.  

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PHILOSOPHY: Blending utmost comfort with absolute style is the brand’s philosophy and our look is a signature mix of modern styles with traditional craftsmanship.  DESIGN AESTHETIC: Our aesthetic seeks to blend east and west sensibilities by juxtaposing our rich and vibrant heritage with classic and universal styles and silhouettes.

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Our Local craftsmen or ‘ Karigars’ as they are colloquially known, are the very core of our Stoffa family. Our sincere endeavour is to keep the skills of these local craftsmen alive, some of them being third generation craftsmen who have been part of the Stoffa family from the outset. We strive to create the means for them to express their artistic expertise, and our product is the happy outcome of all the love and dedication they infuse into their creations. 

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