Product Care

Our products are handcrafted in India using the best quality of faux leather, fabric and embellishments. As stated already, we are a Vegan brand and do not use leather.

To maintain your Stoffa products in the best possible way, here are our recommendations for the care and upkeep of your purchase.

1.  The Stoffa mantra for product care is ‘Wear and Air’. We recommend that you wear your shoes frequently to increase their longevity. In addition to wearing them, please make sure they are removed from their drawers and bags every once in a while, and aired. 

2.  It is recommended that you wipe the shoes or bags down with a dry cloth each time you wear / carry it. 

3.  Soles of the shoes may be wiped down with a wet cloth to remove any dirt that may have accumulated on them. 

4.  Embroidered shoes may be placed keeping space between them, preferably in two separate cloth bags. 

5.  To maintain the shape of the shoes well, it is advised to continue stuffing them with the paper stuffing that has been provided.

6.  It is recommended that you store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated space, with minimum or no exposure to heat and moisture.

7.  Sachets of Silica gel, which is a desiccant or drying agent, can be kept at the customer’s discretion in the space surrounding the shoe.

All the above steps will increase the longevity and durability of your STOFFA shoes and bags. In case of any questions, do email us on